Wasteland 3, Lore Book Design

When creating a video game collector’s edition, we try to look for opportunities to bring the world to life by creating real world collectible items from the game. In this case, we created a lore book for Inxile’s Wasteland 3 titled: “Desert Rangers Field Manual – Wasteland Survival Guide”. This leather bound manual detailed in-world documents, photographs, and notes from various characters and entities from the world of Wasteland. It was an awesome opportunity to provide fans with a first-person point of view of what it is like inside the post-apocalyptic world of Wasteland. We wanted to create this collectible item in leather to further sell the reality of the manual being brought from the virtual world to the real one. Creating real world collectibles based on in-game lore is always a great option for your video game’s collector’s edition or press kit.