Star Renegades, Press Kit

Raw Fury’s Star Renegades harkens back to the SNES era of JRPG’s by featuring gorgeous pixel art with a futuristic fantasy setting. This inspired the first item in our press kit: a replication SNES cartridge complete with a custom SNES-style game label of Star Renegades. Hidden inside this cartridge lies a holographic sticker set of game characters and logos. Tying into the futuristic aesthetic of the title, we created a custom glass etched USB that powered an LED light when plugged in. Rounding off the press kit was a large cloth poster that featured more of the game’s impressive pixel art. All of these items were packaged into a custom box which also featured designs inspired by SNES style box art. The Star Renegades press kit was a unique blend of old and new, blending nostalgia with modernity and we were exceptionally happy with how it turned out.