Red Pill VR, E3 Booth

At E3 2019, we worked with Red Pill Vr and Sensorium Corporation to put on a booth that blends virtual reality, music, and dancing into a new social experience. Taking up on of the larger areas of E3’s South Hall, the vibrant lights and dancing was easy spot. Attendees lined up to jump into a digital dance club in VR. Even the DJ and accompanying dancers were fully immersed, dancing and vibing with their VR headsets on. The dancers wore body tracking suits to live stream their movements to all attendee’s VR headsets, and attendees were also given vibration backpacks that helped enrich the experience. The Red Pill VR booth was an early grasp at finding a new way for people to come together and enjoy music, and we were happy to be a part of putting it on at E3 2019. For an in-depth look, check out Red Pill’s video walkthrough here: