Nier: Automata, Hologram Unit

As much as we value a thorough and compelling marketing strategy, we have to admit that some things are able to sell themselves just based on their nature. We don’t need to tell you that holograms are just … cool! The icing on the cake is that, when integrated properly with an experiential marketing campaign they actually have a lot of additional benefits. Holograms allow you to show off intricate 360 views of things that would otherwise exist only in fantasy – giving your fans an exclusive experience, premier 3D footage like battle sequences and action shots, and make a bold statement on your commitment to innovation and immersive technology. Square Enix came to WAYPOINT with a clear goal in mind: Start a buzz and build up anticipation about their new title, NieR: Automata. Because the game is all about the battle waging between advanced robots and what remains of human society in a far off dystopian future, we knew we needed to embrace technology and use it as an anchor point for marketing a game so closely related to the future of human tech. We believe holograms are an impressive medium for showcasing a wide variety of assets. Check out the best examples of holograms from all over, including our own NieR: Automata 2B hologram.