Hoops Clash, Logo Design

Logo design is a key aspect of promoting your video game title. Creating a great logo for your game involves equal parts readability and personality. The goal is to quickly and subconsciously convey as much information about your video game at a quick glance. Backflip Studios contacted us to create a variety of different logo designs to find the right fit for their mobile app game, Hoops Clash. As the title suggest, Hoops Clash is a fast-paced 1v1 arcade basketball shootout game. We wanted a logo with a lot of energy. The stylization of “Hoops” conveyed the street basketball aspect while the golden-clad “Clash” made sure you knew this was a competitive title. When creating a logo with WAYPOINT, we bounce around a lot of different ideas and concepts to make sure we land on a design that is perfect for your title.