Dead by Daylight, Pax East Merch Booth

Just before launching Dead by Daylight’s online merch store, we premiered a small lineup of products at Pax East 2019. These ended up being a smash hit and are still some of the store’s best sellers to date. Most of the products were based on the game’s Killer characters; so we went with a couple of different aesthetics. Some of the shirts had a hard rock metal art style, and others were based on retro VHS-cover designs. Over the 4-day show, we sold out of much of our stock and generated a lot of hype for the store. It was a great way to test the waters with our designs and get in-person reactions for how fans liked the store products. Trade show activations are a rare opportunity to get a lot of great feedback, and we highly encourage taking advantage of these events for your future store.