I’m thrilled to let everyone know that we are rebranding from TAKEOFF USA to WAYPOINT. After 10 years, a bit of change is in the air and we’re carving out a new path as an independent entity, crafting our own adventure.

A waypoint in a video game is a safe stop on a journey, just like our company is a place to explore creative ideas on the path to successful marketing campaigns and successful products.

We are, as always, a video game focused creative agency specializing in: Graphic Design, Video Production, and Collectible Items. Our staff has leveled up with a few new superstars and we are hiring more in the coming months.

Check out our website and new branding at waypoint.la and please update your address book. My e-mail now finishes with @waypoint.la instead of @takeoffla.com. Jessica, our Head of Making Friends, can be reached via our contact page on the website which is at waypoint.la/contact. All other contact info is the same.

I hope you like the new look because we’re looking forward to working with you on something fun soon.


Sean Murrin | Creative Director, CEO

WAYPOINTA Happy Video, Print & Collectibles creative agency –