Sabers, Holograms and 3D objects.

The ever infamous and enigmatic title of  Star Wars is always going to be a source of inspiration.  This project featured content from the TV series Star Wars Rebels, so to do the name justice the employment of some serious effects and plug-in’s were necessary. Video Co-Pilot’s Saber plug-in, along with the use of Cinema 4D on the 3D modeling front, and lastly, the Element 3D software/plug-in for the CG animation were the primary softwares used to handle the scope of this lab-project.


Reflecting the cinematic integrity of the show was important. So the 3D modeling, sound design and motion graphic animation was carefully planned out with a story board that was in conformity to the show’s theme and tone.

Motion Graphics Saber VFX


The production process entailed the utilizing of Cinema 4D and After Effects and the linking thereof, to create the nicely textured and striking beam generators and hologram table, both of which possessed an inherently Sci-Fi quality to them. Combined with the carefully timed and key-framed 2D animations of the actual beams, along with the light 3D animation of the generators. The final result was that of a futuristic space vessel environment.

Through some meticulous editing in adobe premiere the 3D footage was woven into with the actual footage, completing what could serve as a potential trailer or TV spot.