Website Banner Proposals

With WAYPOINT’s aim to rebrand, a new banner for the web design was needed. For the first two proposals, I initially designed it with animation in mind since animated banners are usually more appealing than static banners. I used a couple of different cloud brushes and masked their edges to achieve a more realistic effect.

Below, I pictured the “in motion” airplane wing to slightly move up and down, side to side, along with the clouds as the viewer moves their mouse across the page.

Proposal 1

Same idea here – I pictured the world and clouds to move simultaneously in the direction the viewer moves their mouse.

Proposal 2

The current banner image on the WAYPOINT website is actually a video of someone drawing with a Wacom tablet. I laid out the white text, setting it to a low opacity and adding a drop shadow to ensure visibility. It would be pretty cool to see this on a flyer, brochure, booklet, or anything printed, really.

Final Proposal