Graphic Design E3 Party Flyer

Typography is one of my favorite things about graphic design.

For our WAYPOINT E3 party, I have designed our invitation flyer and decided to go with a handmade typeface for the main title. The theme of the party is magic garden, so most of my inspiration came from Alice in Wonderland as well as fantasy art book and movie covers. Studying other whimsical fonts and free-flowing scripts also played a major part of my design process. Once I got a good feel of the style, I was then able to begin sketching out my typeface. Using Photoshop and Illustrator helped me modify my sketch and get the result shown in the banner above.

Several different Photoshop brushes/stamps and the 3D tool were used to create the background illustration. The overall design had to reflect the WAYPOINT branding, so in order to achieve that, I included the WAYPOINT airplane flying through the sky.