Brand & Identity Design

There’s often this misunderstanding between brand and identity design, usually they’re seen together like “brand identity.” In more technical terms, branding and identity design have many different roles, but together (with logo design) form a recognized image for a company or product.

According to Just Creative, branding is the perceived emotional corporate image as a whole. It is the core concept behind everything a business does, owns, offers, and produces. This coherent idea is what makes up the company and portrays what they stand for and believe in.

Identity is all the visual devices used within the company. These “visual devices” include stationery design, the logo, flyers, signage, packaging, website, web banners, and so on. Basically anything visual that represents the company.

For example, below is a print ad we designed for the video game company, Wargaming. This print ad was also shown online and is part of their overall identity design.

Screen Shot 2016-11-18 at 5.07.57 PM