Chocobo Life Size Statue

E3 is considered one of the world’s largest trade show for computer, video, and mobile games. At this convention, you will see many different video game industries set up at their own booths, sometimes handing out swag items such as keychains, or maybe showing off their latest collector’s edition figurines. There are also multiple game kiosks that people can play at no charge and exclusive E3 merchandise you can purchase near the entrance.


For this year’s E3,  I got the chance to work on a life size statue of Chocobo from the game, Final Fantasy, which would be placed in the main lobby so that people can sit and take a picture on it. Below are the early stages of the project, where I had to determine what pose Chocobo should be in and sketch the multiple angles of that. I also had to figure out what kind of base would make most sense for Chocobo to stand on.

Chocobo Sketches

Chocobo Sketches


Chocobo Bases Chocobo Bases

Once the sketches, dimensions, and base were all approved, we then worked with a fabrication firm who sculpted and painted the actual life size Chocobo statue. Fast forward to the main event, the 10 foot Chocobo made it safely inside the center and the line to take a photo seemed never-ending.